Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Shower Decorum

     Last week a friend of ours held a shower for my friend, Christy, who is expecting about 4 weeks before we are.  It was a lovely, low-key sort of party that was really more of a girls' night in rather than a shower.  It was a lot of fun, but why - you may ask- did she not get a blowout shower like I did?  Because she has a child who is not yet three years old.  It was only upon the insistence of her close friends that there was a shower at all.
     I think this is an outdated custom we are best rid of.  Traditionally, you only get a shower for your first child, or sometimes if many years separate your children like mine (8.5 years).  It is assumed that you still have everything that you will need.  But babies are expensive.  There is always something you have given away or lost.  And what about diapers?  Wipes?  Formula?  And most of all --- what about the celebration of bringing a new life into this world.  It's just an exciting time.  Every expecting mom deserves a shower, whether it's her first child or her tenth.  We need to rewrite those etiquette books.  Who's with me?

Monday, December 3, 2012


     I have a cold.  A big one.  No big deal, it happens.  But I can't stop coughing, and it appears that I have pulled a muscle in my giant stretched-out belly. Twice today I've had the dreaded "sneeze and scream".  Between the pregnancy and my blood pressure issues I can't really take anything, not that cough medicine has ever really helped me anyway.  So I plan on making some preggo-friendly hot toddies tonight before bed with hot water, lemon juice, and honey.  I sure hope it helps.  Feels like I'm being stabbed in the side every time I have the teeniest cough.  Looks like I'll be waiting out this bitch of a cold.