Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm a Halloweener

     The time has come to start figuring out Halloween costumes.  My eight-year-old son, Ridley, has decided to be Joe Dirt.  How amazing is that?  I cannot wait to see this.  We have a friend who was Joe for Halloween a few years ago and still has the wig, so that's covered.  Next, we will have to put together an outfit.  We are thinking a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off over a white t-shirt or wife-beater.  Then, all we will need is to draw on a scruffy goatee and presto---little Joe.  Don't worry, I will definitely post pictures.
     I really need some ideas for a costume for me that will accentuate and possibly poke fun at my giant belly.  I really don't want to bare the belly, though, and most ideas I've seen on websites involve a bare belly with things drawn on it.  That just really grosses me out for some reason, and I just really don't want my big vulnerable belly hanging out for all the world to see.


     I'm sorry, but the above picture and those like it are just...yuck.  Not doing that.  And if the baby starts moving you have a gyrating, distorted pumpkin.  No.  A couple ideas I've thought of are Pregnant Prom Queen 80s style, and Pregnant Schoolgirl.  Both are verging on inappropriate, but I think cute nevertheless.  Halloween is supposed to be an irreverent holiday. 
     I could really use some feedback on this.  I know I have a lot of lurkers, because I can see how many people view this page!  So, come on!  A little help here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Good Weekend Had By all

     I think I'm starting to live for weekends.  There is always so much going on now that the brisk air of fall has taken over for the lazy summer days.  Matt and Ridley being home to keep me company is the best part of the weekend.  But I must say that the highlight of this past weekend was without a doubt Ladies' Night at my good friend's gorgeous home.  Ashlee is an entertainer extraordinaire who really needs to open her own catering/party planning business.  She offered two types of sangria (which I obviously only got a wee sample of) and a table loaded with beautiful food.  My contribution was these chicken crescent rolls that I swiped from the lovely website

     This easy recipe involves simply putting a dollop of a mixture of shredded chicken (I used rotisserie), cream cheese, and garlic powder in the middle of the triangle of dough, then folding  and baking.  Easiest thing in the world.  And delicious.  I was rude and brought some back home.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You Progesterone!

     I am so thankful for progesterone shots and the researchers and medical community that made them possible.  In the one month that I have received weekly shots my cervical length has gone from a somewhat concerning 2.9cm to a fantastic 4.3cm.  My doctors are encouraged and I am over the moon.  I feel like I can relax just a little and actually enjoy my pregnancy now.  I am at 20 weeks, which is the timeframe that I began having issues in my first pregnancy.  I'm starting to think that I may make it to week 40 this time, and get to bring baby home with me instead of leaving him in the NICU for 5 weeks.  This pregnancy has been 100% different from my first, and I'm thankful for that as long as I get the same final result, which is another perfect child.
     For those of you who have asked me about the belly band, I still haven't gotten one.  I will definitely do so, but with this recent good news I think I will put it off just a few weeks longer until I really need it.  That way I can hopefully really feel the difference it makes.  More on that subject later.  Until then, hang in there ladies!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping the Bun in the Oven

     Hey, just a short post today.  Jeez, I've been boring lately.  Starting to really get tired again, I suppose due to my poor sleep quality.  Just been in a real rut in a lot of ways.  I promise I'll get myself together soon and do some work here!  Until then, I don't know if any of you ladies dealing with high risk pregnancy have seen the fantastic site   It not only provides valuable information about high risk pregnancy issues, but has a forum, a chat room, and a special section devoted to bed rest.  God forbid I end up on bed rest this time, but if I do at least I'll have a lifeline to others in that situation.  Until next time, I'm hanging in there, and hope all you other ladies are too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starfish Fingers

     Today was my day to head back to the High Risk Pregnancy specialists for a checkup.  I must say that those progesterone shots must be working.  My cervical length keeps increasing and there are no signs of funneling.  And I haven't had the constant lower abdominal pressure that I had with my first pregnancy.  I also found out at today's appointment that the brain and heart look defect-free and that there are no signs of Down's Syndrome.  I am so thankful for this good news!  Anyone who has had a preterm baby and gone on to a second pregnancy will understand that every twinge, ache, and cramp is momentously stressful.   Getting this type of great feedback from the doctor really sets my mind at ease.  They also gave me a ton of ultrasound photos.  Check out the starfish fingers!

     Also notice that he is sticking his feet in his face.  The technician told me that babies are definitely aware that something is going on during an ultrasound.  The frequency of the sound is too high for them to hear, but they can feel some type of disturbance.  So, I think he's hiding!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ladies Night Fiesta

     It had been way too long since I had had my favorite girls over to just hang, chat, and laugh.  I was having a craving for Mexican food, so I decided to make that the theme for the evening.  I made two types of quesadillas:  one with cheddar and apples, and the other with guacamole, pepper jack cheese and onions.  I just folded over the tortillas with the contents inside and heated them in my little sandwich maker.  The ones with guacamole were a hit.  The apple and cheddar---not so much.  I had a bunch left the next day and they were even worse after sitting in the fridge all night.  Ick.


     I also made a dip in the crockpot that turned out delicious, even though it wasn't as pretty as the quesadillas. 

                 One package of Velveeta
                 One package of Philadelphia cream cheese
                 One 16 oz jar of salsa (I used the kind with corn and black beans in it)
                 One packet of taco seasoning

     Dump it all in the crockpot and turn it on low for 3 hours.  That's it.  Seriously.  And it was good.  Then the decidedly non-Mexican dessert that I found on Pinterest.  It came from Baked from a Box and it was very much a hit.  I will be making this stuff again.

                 One box of yellow cake mix
                 One cup of confectionary sugar
                 Half a stick of butter
                 A quarter cup of milk

     Mix together and microwave for two minutes, then pour into a pan and cool for at least an hour.  That's it.  Cut into little bars and they're like crack.  I also made a mocktail for my other prego friend and myself where I simply mixed white grape/peach/mango juice with seltzer and dumped in some sliced peaches.  Pretty good.  I also froze some grapes for the girls without babies in their bellies to use to cool their wine.  Turned out nobody drank white wine anyway, so we just ate the grapes.
     My wonderful friends brought some heavenly things, too.  Like stuffed peppers, guacamole with pineapple (it's very tasty), artichoke dip and very American apple pie.   We had a marvelous time just catching up.  I plan on doing this again in a month or two, maybe next time with a French theme?  We shall see.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Belly Bands

     Helloooo, hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I know we did.  Didn't do much, just some football (which I could care less about) and hanging with friends and chowing down (which I care a lot about).

     So, I'm thinking of getting a belly band for some belly support, not that I need much yet.  I have heard that they are believed to help prevent preterm labor by relieving some of the pressure off the cervix.  I haven't asked the high risk pregnancy specialists I'm seeing about it, but I will.  I figure it can't hurt anyway, right?  There seems to be two basic types.  First is the very basic band that seems to be more for making clothes fit better and for postpartum tummy flattening than for support.  This one is by Be.  Anyone know if this provides any support at all?

     The other type looks like it really could hoist your tummy up there.  I'm not even sure how this would work under most types of clothing.  I would probably only wear it when I would be doing lots of walking or standing.  Here is one by Gabrialla.

     I've also seen some really nice ones from Upsie and Wayfair.  From the feedback I've seen on Amazon, it looks like these might really work.  But I have yet to hear a physician suggest them or even a pregnancy magazine or book.  Does anyone have any input on these?