Monday, January 28, 2013


     So, if anyone out there was actually keeping up with this blog, I bet you thought I had the baby early, right?  Wrong!  He is still cooking for two more days!  So, what's been going on all this time?  Stress, that's what.  Right before Christmas my mom came to stay with us and became very ill while she was here.  She spent almost a month in the hospital, and I let my own activities (like blogging) fall by the wayside.
     Since my last post Mom has had a whipple procedure, a very serious surgery to treat pancreatic cancer.  She is home with me now, and feeling better, but will face the battle against cancer as soon as she is recovered enough for chemo and/or radiation.
     Also, I was in a car accident where another driver ran a red light and I couldn't avoid hitting her.  I ended up in the same hospital as my mother a floor down with contractions.  Luckily I wasn't othewise injured and baby was ok.  Since then there have been a few scares where I thought I was having this baby right away.
     So, now here I am two days out from my schedule c-section.  Every night the past few nights I've had contractions that I thought would send me to the hospital.  But I have hung in there because I must.  I have to get my mom to the doctor today.  And I have to wait until my aunt flies in to help us out tomorrow.  I've been lying down as much as I can and drinking as much water as I can force down.  The past month has been more stressful than I thought I could ever handle.  But I've done it, and I can do it.  And I've learned that I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was.  My next post will most likely contain a picture of a baby.  Love you all.

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