Friday, November 9, 2012

How To Tell?

     The biggest contributor to my delivering early in my first pregnancy was that I had already dilated by the time I knew what was happening and an infection got into my uterus.  I had dilated not because of active labor, but apparently due to contractions that had been happening about once or twice daily over the course of many weeks.  I simply did not recognize them for what they were.  I had thought that it was the baby moving and stretching.  Doctors, books, and online info all said not to worry unless I felt more than four or five contractions in one hour.  I never did.  Not even close.  The only way I knew to call the doctor was when I saw a spot of blood, and by then it was too late and I had already dilated one centimeter.
     Now, much older and wiser, I think I can tell the difference.  I think.  I have started to get a similar "bunching up" sensation that I did in my first pregnancy.  I really don't think it's contractions, although if it is I'm in trouble, as I'm having several a day.  I asked the doctor about it before, and she said that not only is it probably just the baby moving, but that Braxton-Hicks contractions are much more common in second (and third, fourth, etc.) pregnancies.  How do I know?  So far, I'm listening to my instincts and I really think I'm ok.  And the progesterone shots are keeping my cervix strong so far, when it wasn't before.  But it's terrifying, as within a few days I'll be at 28 weeks, which is when I went into labor before.  And then delivered at 30.  All I can do is listen to my body and to baby and trust that if something is wrong that I'll know.  Anyone have any light to shed on this?

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