Monday, August 20, 2012

     Apologies for the crappy quality of the photo, but oh how I do hate to have my picture taken.  Here I am at exactly 16 weeks.  I'm so much smaller with this baby than I was with my son!  I felt a contraction over the weekend and am extremely anxious for my doctor visit on Tuesday. I'm hoping it was just Braxton-Hicks.  I understand they can start around this time when it isn't your first pregnancy.  I've googled the heck out of it, of course, and apparently with just one contraction like that it is typically nothing to worry about.  But looking back to my previous pregnancy having about one contraction a day for a few weeks led to me going into labor at 28 weeks.  Sheesh.  I'd feel so much better if I could just do a full checkup at the doc's about every other day. 

     So, anyway, that's how my Saturday started.  It ended with a lot less stress.  Hubby and I had a night out on the town.  We had had a late lunch so we weren't hungry, and well...not a lot else for a preggy to do but eat, right?  So Matt had a couple Miller Lites and I had some water.  Just before going home we shared some mediocre spring rolls.  But people watching in downtown Lexington is always interesting.  And if you've never been to Lexington (KY) we have a truly beautiful downtown with some incredibly beautiful restaurants and bars.

     The first photo is the gorgeous tray ceiling at Shakespeare and Co, which is a gorgeous bar and restaurant serving food often having an Eastern twist.  They also have the most incredible coffees from all over the world, which I abstained from like a good girl.  The remaining two photos are of Belllini's, which is an incredible Italian-style restaurant serving some of the best food I've ever tasted.  Dammit, how I wished I was hungry!  We sat outside and watched all the lovely young people walk by as I sipped my delicious water with lemon.

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