Monday, August 27, 2012

Long Weekend

    I do love a gorgeous tree.  Yes, I'm a tree hugger.  My son Ridley had Friday off school, so my husband Matt took the day off and we grabbed a buddy of Ridley's and all headed to Fort Boonesboro for some camping.  And by camping I mean staying in our air conditioned camper with a bathroom in it. 

     Did I mention that I cheated and didn't even stay?  Well, I didn't.  It's too hard for me to get comfortable when I'm trying to sleep.  So I drove Ridley's friend back and headed home.  A cramped camper with two sweaty boys just isn't going to cut it for a few months.  But I had a nice relaxing time reading alongside hubby while the  boys got muddy. 

     I've added some tree photos, both old and new, from Fort Boonesboro.  I love getting up close and personal and sort of grabbing the tree's personality.  Those old trees near the fort have seen a lot and their faces show it.

     Thank you for bearing with my obsession with tree photography.  After my boys returned on Saturday we headed to a birthday party for a lovely seven-year-old girl.  It was a pool party, and I'm sad to say that it will probably be the last time any of us are anywhere near a pool this year.  The summer goes so fast.   All in all, it was a great weekend.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.

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