Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Belly Bands

     Helloooo, hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I know we did.  Didn't do much, just some football (which I could care less about) and hanging with friends and chowing down (which I care a lot about).

     So, I'm thinking of getting a belly band for some belly support, not that I need much yet.  I have heard that they are believed to help prevent preterm labor by relieving some of the pressure off the cervix.  I haven't asked the high risk pregnancy specialists I'm seeing about it, but I will.  I figure it can't hurt anyway, right?  There seems to be two basic types.  First is the very basic band that seems to be more for making clothes fit better and for postpartum tummy flattening than for support.  This one is by Be.  Anyone know if this provides any support at all?

     The other type looks like it really could hoist your tummy up there.  I'm not even sure how this would work under most types of clothing.  I would probably only wear it when I would be doing lots of walking or standing.  Here is one by Gabrialla.

     I've also seen some really nice ones from Upsie and Wayfair.  From the feedback I've seen on Amazon, it looks like these might really work.  But I have yet to hear a physician suggest them or even a pregnancy magazine or book.  Does anyone have any input on these?

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