Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starfish Fingers

     Today was my day to head back to the High Risk Pregnancy specialists for a checkup.  I must say that those progesterone shots must be working.  My cervical length keeps increasing and there are no signs of funneling.  And I haven't had the constant lower abdominal pressure that I had with my first pregnancy.  I also found out at today's appointment that the brain and heart look defect-free and that there are no signs of Down's Syndrome.  I am so thankful for this good news!  Anyone who has had a preterm baby and gone on to a second pregnancy will understand that every twinge, ache, and cramp is momentously stressful.   Getting this type of great feedback from the doctor really sets my mind at ease.  They also gave me a ton of ultrasound photos.  Check out the starfish fingers!

     Also notice that he is sticking his feet in his face.  The technician told me that babies are definitely aware that something is going on during an ultrasound.  The frequency of the sound is too high for them to hear, but they can feel some type of disturbance.  So, I think he's hiding!

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